Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A Walk at Dusk

Caspar David Friedrich painted A Walk at Dusk in 1835, shortly before his finally debilitating stroke later that year. The painting is owned by The Getty Museum in Los Angeles. While visiting there in 2004, I came across this small painting hanging in a dark corner of the museum. There is a finality about the work that strikes one immediately. The suggestion of the end of life as it is portrayed by the solemn atmosphere of the painting and the man standing in reverence had particular implications for me at that time. I resolved to paint this image myself at some point in the future. I have now, with the piece finished today, done 3 versions of this piece, all with a bear replacing the man with head bowed in front of the megalith. This latest painting will be available for viewing at Lahaina Galleries next week.

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