Monday, September 21, 2009


I have some family in town from England, so we are visiting some of the popular spots in and around San Francisco.  I was hanging out at the Golden Gate Bridge vista point on Sunday and spent a nice hour waiting for my guests to walk across the bridge.  There were a good number of people just taking in the view and taking photographs of themselves.  All kinds of people, speaking a variety of different languages, from all kinds of different cultures and philosophies. Everybody was very happy to be there and everyone, without exception, was enjoying the sunny day watching the fog wafting over the bridge and the view of San Francisco.  I am sure if I had gone around and asked there would have been many different points of view on politics, money, religion, economic models and health care just to name a few!  Numerous times I observed people asking total strangers to take their photos and all having great fun and smiles doing it.  People just getting along.  No one trying to inflict or convince the other of their own particular world view.  Maybe the whole world should take a vacation. 

Fresh Air this morning featured Karen Armstrong, one of my favorite teachers, talking about her Charter for Compassion project which is based around The Golden Rule that is incorporated in most traditions, religions and world views:

"do not do to others what you would not like to be done to you"

This seemed to be a fitting bookend to my thoughts at the Golden Gate Bridge. 

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