Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Since finishing Independent People by Halldor Laxness (see previous post (9/28/09) I am becoming more and more intrigued by Iceland, it's landscape and people.  I have been a fan of Sigur Ros's music for ten years and find them one of the most innovative group of musicans working today.  Their music is steeped in the landscape of their homeland, the peoples and traditions of Iceland.  This intelligent, yet enigmatic music can start like a quiet meadow with a gentle gurgling spring and develop into explosive, volcanic, apocalyptic, electronic, mayhem.

They recently released a DVD of a series of concerts held in their homeland.  Many of these shows were simple community events held in the coutryside and attended by Icelanders of all ages.  It is very heartening to see kids and older people enjoying an evening together outdoors and listening to sounds that obviously resonated with their history and psyches.

Now I am starting to delve into The Icelander Sagas, a massive book of tales from the 13th and 14th centuries and part of the oral tradition of Iceland.   I think these histories will provide a great deal of inspiration for my own stories in the future and I am now going to earnestly see about a trip to Iceland next summer! 


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