Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Rain and Joy!

Lots going on this morning. 

I came across this artist Samuli Heimonen who is worth checking out 'cause he likes to paint animals that involve humans in a surrealistic way.  He quotes a Leonard Cohen line in his statement that to me might explain his method but not the work so much.  In any case, I like the look of his paint and the compositions.

Rain. Glorious. Rain!  Finally we have some real rain the Bay Area, signalling the end of the dry season that seems to last so long.  I can't remember rain since April.   I may be from England but like Erik Satie, I love the stuff.  There is a man who is researching how words, intentions and prayers can affect the formation of water crystals.  Here is picture of a water crystal that he claims was imbibed with Joy (I will have to investigate this further and report back before giving any links away):

I am finishing up a new painting today and while I would not normally show anything before it is finished I am happy with the way it looks now.  It is a redo of a previous painting called The Guru.  Here I think I have done a better job of the bear pose and the landscape behind is much more evocative.  Here it is as of this morning.  Today I will start adding about one hundred butterflies that will help give this bear even more presence.

Last night I continued my reading of The Gift by Lewis Hyde (this guy is a real scholar) and he was discussing the gift that art is and how the commerce of art can interfere with the creative flow.  Many artists these days are getting hurt by this.  The lack of sales can create a kind of desperation not just emotionally and through the stress of making financial ends meet but I think it can interfere with the "allowing" of the creative spirit.  On the other hand when you have nothing else to lose, there is a chance to break free of the commerce, dive in to new adventures and see what happens.  Anyway that perhaps, is the best advice I have heard.

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