Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My Home Town

For many years I have owned a cabin in Gualala 120 miles north of San Francisco.  To all intents, and most of my purposes, it has been my home town.  Or at least it's the place I have owned property in the longest and I go there all the time, have a small studio in the basement.  Here it is from the air:
 My place is towards the top right.

I have done a number of landscapes based on images from around the North Coast area.  You can see some of these at, where there are a number of prints for sale.  This painting done in 2005 is of the Gualala River, just on the south edge of the town:

This diptych was 40" X 86".  The owners of the piece have it in their Sea Ranch home just south of the river.  They have mounted it on track so that it slides outwards and opens up to a flat screen monoitor.  I guess when you get tired of looking at art, there is always TV, which I think I prefer to the idea of only looking at art once you are tired of TV.

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