Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Lonely Dog

I spent a nice afternoon and evening with Mark and Dianne at the Borsini Burr gallery in Montara, just south of San Francisco.  The artist Ivan Clarke was visiting from New Zealand and presented his series of paintings, drawings and sculpture from his series and concept of The Lonely Dog.  I have known Ivan for a few years and followed his work through his website after being introduced to his art through Lahaina Galleries.  Also on display yesterday was a copy of his very limited edition collectors book of the story of The Lonely Dog. A massive book full of trivia, images— beautifully created and crafted. 

"Rolph Flannegan" a character from The Lonely Dog story by Ivan Clarke.

The Lonely Dog is a gripping story of a young dog’s journey through life and Ivan says that  Port Alveridge where the story unfolds, is itself a real world in another time and another place. “Anyone can go there and your ticket is your imagination.”  The story has gained interest from Hollywood and plans are underway to create a movie around Ivan's concept and paintings.  The bronze sculptures are fantastic to see in person.  They were created by Ivan and Richard Taylor of the Weta workshop, who created characters for the Lord of the Rings trilogy. 
The important thing for me was to see another artist presenting a world that allows us to see ourselves through the eyes of other animals that have traits and motivations that we see in humans also.   The interplay he creates with the dogs (mostly masculine) and cats (mostly feminine) within the story can be hilarious and poignant at the same time.  His art has a presence and intensity that is a pleasure to be around.

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