Monday, June 21, 2010

Lisbeth, Walter and the Ape

 I have been rapidly reading (there is no other way) the misdeeds of Lisbeth Salander in Stieg Larssen's brilliant novels and I have been interspersing that with a commitment to see every Fringe episode on Blu-Ray (currently it looks like Walter is going over to the other side).  Overwhelmed in a torrent of mystery and sci-fi suspense I decided to take a break and started watching the recently purchased Life series from the makers of BBC's Planet Earth— WOW!  I had an idea for a painting in the first five minutes and the stories and photography are so fascinating— I highly recommend it.  The photography, editing and narrations are even better than Planet Earth.  If you who have cable TV, I believe it is showing on the Discovery Channel.

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