Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Dancing Wolves

 The Dancing Wolves, 2010 Oil on Canvas 24" X 30"

On it's way to the Borsini-Burr Gallery is the recently completed painting titled The Dancing Wolves.  Don't forget to come to my one man show at the gallery, previewing this Saturday, August 7th in beautiful Montara by the Sea.  I think it will be one of the best shows of my work I have had in a long time.  Borsini-Burr Gallery does an excellent job in everything they do with a professionalism and class that is unrivaled.  Here is my inspiration for the painting:

Some years ago I spent 10 days in Northern Minnesota dog-sledding across frozen lakes and camping in -30 degree weather .  Although we never saw any wolves, we would hear them at night and find traces of them every morning.  They remained a mystery to us humans.  I always wondered what these wolves would get up to and it occurred to me that like our domestic dogs they might at times like to play and dance and that they would howl in excitement to create the music to dance to.  

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