Friday, September 24, 2010

The Kingdom — Part 1

I am now finishing The Kingdom, a 2ft X 10ft painting, depicting bears in a landscape.  As this is a long, narrow painting, it is often observed by "reading" it, like a Chinese scroll painting.  In this case walking from left to right.  Over the next four days I will publish a new section each day until it is complete.  If you want to print it out each day, by day five you will be able to put the entire painting together.  It has five parts total.  Here is the first part, which starts at the left-hand side:


  1. Robert, you know I absolutely adore your work, but more importantly, I appreciate the spirit behind your paintings. I shared "The Embrace" with my sister the other day on the 3rd anniversary of our mother's passing and I wanted to share her feelings about what she felt upon seeing it for the first time: "like Our Momma bear...after all she had been through...was able to just stop and stand tall and just breathe and enjoy the simple joys". Robert, thank you so much for painting. Thank you so much for sharing your talent and heart with so many people. You really don't know how deeply it touches our hearts. With much love always ~ Laura Storm Garcia

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