Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Peace and Chalk

CHALK4PEACE is one great organization!  John Aaron is a artist dedicated to raising consciousness around the planet and getting all of us involved in expressing ourselves through art.   John began CHALK4PEACE in 2003 as a sidewalk event chalk project for children and has grown the movement to encompass four continents.  Anybody can put on an event with some spare sidewalk and some chalk.  All it involves is getting kids and adults together to make art, have fun expressing themselves, and focus on peace in our world.  I like the fact that young minds can make art with one of the oldest drawing mediums—pure, simple fun! This in a time when arts programs are being cut in many of our schools.  I encourage you to visit his website and donate something if you can.  Also, there are many CHALK4PEACE events going on in September, so there may be one near you that you can visit.

There is a blog here and you can also visit them on Facebook.

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