Sunday, October 24, 2010

Our Fall Newsletter

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Time for Rest and Change
Busy Summer Ends, New Work, New Studio

After an extremely busy summer in the studio, I've been taking some time on the Mendocino coast, planning new projects and looking for a larger studio space, in addition to finishing up The Kingdom. I'll be moving to the new studio in Berkeley, CA this month and visitors are encouraged.
A big thank you to all who came out for the events and shows this summer, and to the many of you who saw my work at Lahaina Galleries in Hawaii. I am particularly excited about the direction the work seems to be going - Hero, shown below is a good example.  As promised, all of my recently finished paintings are on the website on our new  Available Originals page. Check it out, you can click on them for a beautiful enlargement that shows lots of detail.

The Kingdom
Epic Painting Two Years in the Making

To see the whole work, click here. Below you can read the story and see details of the image.

A panoramic piece in the style of The Perfect World, it incorporates a series of vignettes of bear paintings I've done over the years including favorites like The Embrace, The Learner, The Exchange and The Aviators, among others. 
The original is 24"x120" and is available through Lahaina Galleries. A limited edition print will be available on November 8, 2010. It is sized at 14.5"x72".
The work was in development for nearly two years. After numerous sketches and many changes it was painted over a two month period in late summer 2010. The intention was to create a heroic painting that presented many narratives within a larger context.

The intention was to create a heroic painting that presented many narratives within a larger context.  As in The Lord of The Rings we see our heroes embarking on a series of journeys by individuals and groups that all essentially advance a much larger endeavor. This epic structure, along with the symbols and motifs in Tolkein's story were much of the inspiration in developing The Kingdom.
A great river of life extends across the painting, uniting the participants as it flows toward the setting sun.  Majestic trees such as Giant Sequoia, Redwood and Bristlecone Pine provide anchor points along the many paths where the story unfolds. The title describes not so much a physical place but a realm where we all, as Kings and Queens reside and in which our adventures are part of the great journey called life.

To see the whole work, click here.
Other Things to Share
New Galleries in Tahoe and Aspen & News from Pomegranate

I am so pleased to announce two new members of our family of fine art galleries. My work is now available in Aspen, CO through Royal Street Fine Art ; and in South Lake Tahoe through Marcus Ashley Gallery. I'll be at Marcus Ashley March 5th and 6th for an event and I'm very much looking forward to it.
Holiday gift giving is just around the corner.  Pomegranate Communications Bissell collection has a number of affordable gift options including The Embrace Jigsaw, and The Kiss Kids
Jigsaw Puzzle.  You can find them here.

The 2010 Bears By Bissell Calendar has sold out. Sadly, there will not be a 2011 Bear calendar.  But for those of you rabbit fans who've been asking - there will be a 2012 Rabbits By Bissell Calendar available from Pomegranate. We'll make sure to let you know when it's available.
And the always popular Bissell Notecard  collection now has two new cards - Overlook and Observers - from the 2010 calendar.
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