Monday, May 2, 2011

A New Fine Art Print

 The Decision by Robert Bissell,  18" X 30"  Limited Edition of 75

Today, I am releasing a new Limited Edition print called The Decision.  This is a new print featuring rabbits and represents a follow-up to a very successful image called The Dilemma, which has been sold out for some time.  All the prints in this Limited Edition Fine Print have been personally embellished by me to give the print brighter highlights and enhanced brushwork that make it indistinguishable from the original. This print is available in one size only, 18" x 30" and the edition is strictly limited to only 75.  Here is my description of how this image came about:

As a youngster I was always concerned that decisions were being made for me without my involvement. Any sensitive, yet proud rabbit knows these decisions could mean the difference between darkness and light. Either way, until the decision was made there was trepidation about what was going on amongst the elders.  In this painting the youngster might be headed for the storm, but we're not certain that he hasn't been called back to go in the opposite direction and off to that clear blue and beautiful horizon.

— Robert Bissell,  May 2011

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