Saturday, July 16, 2011

New Music

As a painter who spends a lot of time alone in the studio, part of my work day is to gain inspiration and mood while working and I do this, in part, by listening to music.  To those of you still mourning the passing of Mark Linkous and who may listen to music by such bands as The National, Fleet Foxes, Danger Mouse, DeVotchKa, Grizzly Bear and such, you may be inspired by listening to music by Luke Buda and The Phoenix Foundation, who I just discovered.  They have been around for a while but in New Zealand (one of my favorite landscapes) and are now touring in England, from where I got the tip. 

Here is a video of a recent single, but there are even better tunes to be found on what is available here (not all their material is available in the US yet, as far as I can tell)

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