Tuesday, February 21, 2012

New Print Release!

                                                The Dream, giclee on canvas 
Today I am releasing this new print of The Dream.  A correspondent had this to say when he saw it:
" This is one of my favorite of your paintings.  I think what I appreciate most about your work is the sort of unnerving quality that comes somehow from the anthropomorphized animals.  The Dream gives me that sensation even more acutely than some of your other pieces, maybe because it the scene itself is also quite surreal with both the setting and the scale being unnatural.  I just went back and looked through the gallery on your website again.  Your paintings really creep up on me -- they kind of worm their way into my mind and shift something.  That's quite a thing to pull off as an artist.  With a lot of the pieces it feels as though I am looking at hologram from just the angle where both images are flickering back and forth, and one is playful and the other kind of sinister, or one is whimsical and the other has some dreadful wisdom."  -- Mike C

I find Mike's comments extremely complimentary and insightfulHe is expressing what I am trying to do with my work.  Thanks Mike!
Prints are available at all the galleries that represent my work. Please contact the gallery where you first saw my work or go here if you need help.

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