Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Release!

It has been a busy summer!  I have just completed a show for Chloe Fine Arts in San Francisco and you can see a number of new works at their website, including some different work on paper that I have not shown before.  I will also be at The Dzian Gallery on the 2nd and 3rd of November near Boston, MA.  Details here

In addition, I am excited to announce that Dreamworld Art is now going to represent my art as publisher and distributor for all Limited Edition prints and bronze sculpture.  We have just released this new print of The Release (below).  (the original sold immediately at the Chloe Fine Arts show).  The print is available from any authorized Robert Bissell gallery near you.  Let me know if you need help finding a location.

The Release, 2012  Giclee on canvas  22" X 18"
 Butterflies and bears are a common theme in my work. The idea of looking up for guidance and the contrast of the lightness of butterflies with the weight of the bears is what interests me. As a child, the untouched summer meadow, full of life and vibrancy is what I remember as being as close to paradise as I could possibly imagine. At those times, all troubles and worries would fall away and a kind of release was felt.

As Fall approaches, I am going to be immersed in the studio developing some new ideas.  I have decided not to do any shows or appearances for a while but I plan to keep you updated from this blog more often.

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