Monday, December 7, 2009


Cold weather hit the Bay Area today.  Enough to shake us all out of our routine and to remind me to write to this blog and share some news.  This weekend we were at the Borsini-Burr gallery in Montara (just south of San Francisco) for their Open House.  I showed some new sketches which were well received and a new painting called The Swimming Hole, which reminded everyone of warmer days

On Saturday evening we attended the opening party for a Chloe Fine Arts in San Francisco.  In addition to my animal paintings and prints they are showcasing my landscapes.  It was a really well attended event with many of the gallery's artists flying in from all over to be there.  Greg Lejnieks, the owner, together with his wife, Amy Nelder (the painter), Chris Lyon, Director and Todd Lejnieks have created a gallery that promises to become an important venue for art connoisseurs.  Their vision goes beyond just the showing of art and will create a community of fine artists, collectors and philanthropy in San Francisco.  Congratulations to them all!

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