Wednesday, December 23, 2009

New Studio/New Year

I have not written here for some time.  I have been busy outside the art world and been moving my painting studio.  I am now set up in a new space near my house in Oakland in this nice unassuming building.  I can now walk to work easily and have the luxury of a high ceiling for good lighting and to be able to get the canvases up higher.  Here's the outside complete with Roy looking out the door!

So I am looking forward to beginning the year in this new space and starting a fresh group of paintings.  I also have been doing more work on paper, some drawings and mixed media.  You can see some of these at The Borsini-Burr gallery website and I will announce some others that will be available soon.

I hope everyone reading this has a super holiday and a Happy New 2010!

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