Friday, January 29, 2010

My Favorite Place

This is a painting of river estuary in Northern California I completed a few years ago.  I think it measured 40" X 106", painted on two panels.

I was back there this weekend with Roy, who just runs all over looking for gophers and chasing the ravens and hawks that swoop down on the promontory from where this view was taken. (I do not let him get out of control as I want the wildness of the place to remain) This now public open space was owned by a local farming family who donated several hundred acres for public use.  The area is full of many different birds and wildlife, a huge variety of vegetation and not many people or regulations fortunately.  The river is a famous steelhead fisherman's spot.  You'll have to figure out where it is (there is a lighthouse involved)— those who are truly interested can write to me!  Here are a couple of photos from a few days ago:

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