Saturday, January 30, 2010

New Blogs

Me,  2010 Ocean Beach, San Francisco

Today I have decided to add some new blogs to my list. The list is on the right some ways towards the bottom of this blog.

For those interested in the UK music scene and are frustrated by the lack of good alternative music stations to listen to and the iTunes genius bar, I suggest following :
Peter Guy, who is very much up on what's happening that is new, especially in Northern England as he is based in Liverpool
and Rough Trade Records, the best music store in London, who are totally on top of everything that is coming out and have great advice.  If you go into the store, be prepared to be interviewed in detail about all your habits, not just music and then they have a way of pointing you to things you will like (which could be a model for many retail stores anywhere)
For those who follow a poetic interest in landscape and this earth we live on I suggest Some Landscapes by Andrew Ray, who follows all that is happening in the arts concerned with landscape.
And because many years ago Ken Wilbur started me on a path of spiritual quest, I recommend his writing and philosophy that really brought eastern thought and western ideas about our interiority into a focus that is quite unique and profound.
Finally for all those artists and creators this attorney has the scuttlebutt on patents, copyright and intellectual property issues:  Rich Stim at Nolo

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