Saturday, February 6, 2010


I am referring to the song, not the singer, as I hear it from Luciano Pavarotti, who I have always considered one of the most realized artists ever.  By realized I mean that he had the presence of something other than this world working through him and also that his gift, through him to us, was that of a completion and perfection rarely seen.  His dedication to his work and love of life must have worked in such a way that allowed a creative force to come forth so fully.  That was his magic and his majesty to me.

The song "Caruso" is beautiful, and I am sure many of you are familiar with it:

Guardó negli occhi la ragazza quegli occhi verdi come il mare
Poi all'improvviso uscí una lacrima e lui credette di affogare
Te voglio bene assai ma tanto tanto bene sai

something like:
He looked into the little girl's eyes -
those eyes as green as the sea,
then suddenly a tear fell
and he thought he was drowning.
I love you very much but know so well.....

You can check out the story behind it here.

And hear and watch Luciano sing it here

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