Friday, March 19, 2010

The heart of the United States

This weekend we will see the outcome of the health care reform debate. 

Some friends and family in England have told me they do not understand why it is so difficult for the United States to enact a national health care program that covers everybody— they simply don't get it.  To them and others in Europe, the premise that a nation of people would not want to provide care for all their fellow country women and men that are unable to help themselves, is inconceivable.

Whatever is decided and whatever form the result takes, this is a debate for the heart of the United States. The choice is whether we will continue to endorse individual responsibility or will we start to move in the direction of collective responsibility for each other.  Most developed countries have already chosen. The choice hasn't been easy.

This painting was done a couple of years ago.

It is called The Learner.

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