Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Source

I am so happy that Spring is here and we get to put the hour forward!  Now, I can take Roy walking after work and get some daylight on my face!  This painting, I completed late last year, was how I conceived of this new season:

      The Source  36" X 48" Oil on canvas

The Source
This painting began as I was looking at a piece by Howard Terpning, who has painted many historical images of native americans in the Southwest.  I recomposed the painting and replaced his Apache warriors with bears as the central figures who have come across this force of nature in the wilderness.   Bluebirds have a mythology that goes back thousands of years and they represent happiness, prosperity, good health and above all confidence. I imagined the powerful waterfall setting as a source of strength and renewal for these beings.

— Robert Bissell, March 2010

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