Saturday, May 8, 2010

Art Murmur

Spent last evening at Art Murmur in Oakland last night.  This (held on the first Friday) monthly event has really grown since I last attended.  There were some monster, crazy bikes there, one shaped like a snail which was a lot of fun and some very interesting street vendors with things like ice-cream sandwiches and gothic patches for your jackets. There were a few new galleries showing some good, solid, new art that I found interesting, but there are so many people in and around the 23rd St galleries that it was not easy to really look at anything much.  Most people seemed to be looking at each other, drinking beer and having a good time. Art Murmur attracts a lot of hipsters, other artists and and many from the fast growing biking community of the east bay.   But if art is the reason that everyone can get together and have fun— why not? I certainly enjoyed myself.  Here is an article about how the arts movement in Oakland has grown.

Also the Oakland Museum of California (one of my favorite museums) is re-opening this weekend after having extensive renovations. (Unfortunately, unlike Art Murmur, which is free, tickets to the opening at the museum tonight start at $500)

So if you are in the Bay Area, I recommend Art Murmur and checking out the Oakland Museum at a time and budget of your choosing.

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