Sunday, May 9, 2010

Wild in the city

Coming back from walking Roy this morning another deer was roaming the city streets of Berkeley.  This one was naturally confused and looking for a way out but she didn't seem particularly concerned.  Personally I would be happy to see a lot more wildlife on city streets and except for the danger to them, it would make a nice addition to the city and give us all pause to think and consider our place in this world.  Maybe we would all just slow down and care about what is going on around us a little more. 
Last week we had an incident when police shot and killed a cornered deer in an Oakland backyard— an unnecessary act from someone who was obviously too frightened of the animal for his or others safety.

There are a few individuals and some organizations now that are promoting re-naturalizing our towns and cities.  This make sense to me in so many ways.  The alternative of continuing to sterilize our cities and isolating ourselves from nature doesn't really marginalize the animals (there will always figure out a way to be in their natural surroundings or they die) but more importantly it does marginalize us and makes city living humans insignificant to the natural world we plan to not be a part of.

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