Tuesday, January 28, 2014

New work

I recently released some new work at an exhibition with Lahaina Galleries in Maui.  This was the introduction for the exhibit.  The images are below.

Robert’s latest work contains familiar figures such as bears and elephants projected onto open, natural landscapes. The figures in Robert’s paintings often serve as symbols for all creatures found in nature, including humans. These figures and symbols enable the viewer to explore what it means to be physically, intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually part of the natural world.

Compared to Robert’s earlier paintings, this work is minimalist in style and uses broader and more delicate color gradients in a muted palette. The range of gradually differentiated color and the absence of obvious brushstrokes create subtle effects of light and dark, avoiding visual overstimulation and creating points of calm for the viewer. The presence of still space on the canvas lets the viewer rest and experience the paintings as if they themselves were the figures in the landscapes.

The new work presented in this show was influenced by Chinese landscape art painted during the Song Dynasty (960–1279 AD).Artists from that period did not paint landscapes exactly as they saw them in nature, but instead painted landscape images that represented their thoughts about the nature of our world.  Robert hopes his latest paintings will provide a meditative counterpoint to the restlessness of hectic modern life and an opportunity for the viewer to reconnect with their inner self and the natural world around us.

Sleeping Space 2013
30” x 40” Oil on canvas

Sweet Ocean 2013
12” x 16” Oil on panel

Walking Moon 2013
14” x 11” Oil on panel

Meandering Moon 2013
20” x 24” Oil on canvas

Secret Song 2013
20” x 16” Oil on panel

Slumbering Giants 2013
26” x 30” Oil on canvas
The Brilliant Black 2013
30” x 28” Oil on canvas

Sage of the Night 2013
42” x 40” Oil on canvas

You can see more work at Lahaina Galleries here.

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