Thursday, September 3, 2009

Composition of a bridge

Most of the time I live in Oakland, CA. There is a huge bridge that links the East Bay (Oakland) with the West Bay or, as San Franciscan's like to call it, San Francisco. A big part of this is being replaced with a brand new bridge in 2013. This 2 mile long bridge has two decks with five lanes on each. Tonight they will close it for four days, take part of it down and reconnect a new temporary part for us all to drive on while they connect the newly constructed bridge to the existing half way point called Treasure Island. The bridge was featured in a Discovery Channel show called Extreme Engineering. The whole thing is amazing to me, in the same way that a train or a plane arriving on time is. I have trouble just finding the other shoe every morning. Anyway you can see the whole story at this great web site

(Note the optical illusion created by the photo above. The sign may be crooked but the photo's frame isn't.)

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